What is perlkour?

perlkour is a blog (or blag, thanks xkcd), generally technology oriented but not… necessarily. For now it’s a place for me to write about gadgets and other cool nerd stuff, and also rant about things that don’t make sense. With my network of friends and associates in the industry, I hope to someday open it up to guest contributors.

No ads, no affiliate links (unless explicitly noted). I’m just doing this for fun.

What does “perlkour” mean?
perlkour is a portmanteau of Perl, the programming language, and parkour, the extreme sport featured in Casino Royale and elsewhere. I coined the term during a brief chat conversation with a friend about hardcore Perl programming. Of course, this blag isn’t strictly about Perl, but there will definitely be a Perl flavor.

Who are you?
Just another Perl hacker. ;-)

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