Twitter continues to suck…

Look, don’t get me wrong, I love Twitter. I really do. It’s a great way to keep tabs on icons of industry, musicians and comedians, politicians and pundits, and friends and acquaintances. But there are some pretty frustrating and maddening little issues that prevent me from becoming completely enamored with the platform. I’ve already laid out my beefs with Twitter’s Direct Messaging feature; here’s a Part Two of sorts.

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Review: Monoprice HDMI with RedMere

If you aren’t already buying all your A/V and computer cables and adapters from Monoprice, you’re doing it wrong! Monoprice has the best selection and prices you’ll ever find. They also manufacture (or possibly rebrand) a lot of high-quality original products, such as DisplayPort adapters, battery packs, and Apple-compatible 30-pin dock connector cables. (And no, they’re not a sponsor.)

Earlier this year, Monoprice announced a partnership with an Irish firm called RedMere. RedMere has developed a new technology that several OEMs, including Monoprice, have integrated or plan to integrate into their HDMI cables. RedMere adds circuitry into the HDMI connector on one end of the cable that effectively steals a little voltage from the display/sink device (e.g. a TV or A/V receiver) to boost the signal. This allows them to use a much thinner, lighter, and more flexible strand than usual.

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